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[802SEC] Fwd: Time slot set for TAG interest meeting

Being sent a 2nd time because the copy I got from the reflector was:
         text free
         had a scrambled copy of the attachment

Subject: Time slot set for TAG interest meeting
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 16:57:41 -0400
From: "Thompson, Geoff [SC100:321:EXCH]"<>
To: <>
Cc: "Thompson, Geoff [SC100:321:EXCH]"<>,
    <>, <>, <steve_mills@HP.COM>


The time slot has been determined for the meeting to be held Thursday AM 
for those whose companies are interested in joining the US TAG for ISO/IEC 

(See updated attachment: "EC meetings for the week in Boardroom A")

The meeting will be held on Thursday from 11:00 AM until Noon in Boardroom A

The core agenda topic is: To "nurture participation" in the TAG.

The meeting will be run jointly by myself and Bob Pritchard of IEEE Staff 
who will be attending by phone.

We should have TAG membership application forms available at the meeting.
It should be noted that this meting IS NOT an actual meeting of the TAG, 
the TAG has not yet been created. Membership in the TAG is by organization 
rather than by individual.

Topics that I hope we can cover during the meeting include:
Precise definition of the path to formation of the TAG.
When will the initial meeting be?
What does a TAG do and how
         (formulate NB positions, formulate and submit ballots, choose 
delegations, operate our own bureaucracy)
Who can be a member?
Will we send a US NB delegation to the meeting in Beijing?
Will we send a US NB position to the regular SC6 meeting in France in August?
What do we expect to be our meeting venue and schedule on an ongoing basis?
What will a company's expected commitment be in terms of money, time and 

Please make this information available to your appropriately interested 

See you Thursday,


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