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[802SEC] 802.22 comments on 802.1am PAR


I apologize for my tardiness in delivering this notice, but as I explained
to you last night verbally,I was tied up with other matters in my own WG.

After a presentation in 802.22 yesterday by one of your members (I'm sorry,
but I'm bad with names and don't remember his name) there was discussion, a
review of your PAR/5C, and a review of other WG's traffic on the matter -
both pro and con.

As a result of all of this, two motions were made and passed in 802.22.  One
to request by the formation of an EC Study Group to see if it makes sense to
set up some formal projects to better define the needs of the wireless WGs
and make recommendations to 802.1 in this area. The second that 802.22
recommend that action on the proposed 802.1am project be postponed pending
discussion and action on the Study Group.

I don't believe that these motions should be interpreted as a slap in the
face by 802.1, but rather our desire to see the wireless groups produce a
good set of input on their needs to the proposed project to help assure that
the result of your proposed project (higher layer management tools that will
work across all of the wireless standards) meets those needs.

Regards, and again my apologies for submitting this message late.


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