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[802SEC] FW: [New-work] OMA New Work - 1 New Work Item Approved

The following new-work announcement from the IETF may be of interest
your WG members.  Particularly the wireless WGs.


From: [] On
Behalf Of Victoria Gray
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 7:55 AM
Subject: [New-work] OMA New Work - 1 New Work Item Approved

Dear All,

OMA would like to inform all the organisations subscribed to the IETF
new-work list of the approval of 1 new work item:

1 Device Profiles Evolution WI:

The existing OMA UAProf 2.0 specification provides a mechanism for the
description and transfer of device capability information to enable the
formatting of OMA services/enablers for particular devices classes.


While this has served market needs in the past and has been employed by
services such as OMA Browsing, MMS, and 3GPP PSS, there is currently a
need to look beyond the static profile capabilities provided by UAProf.
Many of the devices on the market today have capabilities of a far more
dynamic nature than those available when UAProf was first introduced.
For example, a mobile device today can have bluetooth, camera, 802.11,
and multiradio (GSM/GPRS/3G) capability, and each of these can change
instantaneously. For instance, the bluetooth adapter could be unplugged,
the 802.11 switched on, or a higher resolution camera accessory
inserted. Each of these events causes a change in the device
capabilities, and as a result it changes the type of content suitable
for the device at that particular time. The paradigm of a mobile phone
with pre-configured static capabilities is no longer valid.


The goal of this work item is to identify the requirements for a more
dynamic device profile mechanism, and to address the broader device
profile needs of current OMA enablers. Once the requirements have been
identified, existing work within OMA and within other SDOs (W3C, ETSI,
etc.) will be referenced whenever possible. In addition, the identified
requirements will be shared with the appropriate SDO's to ensure OMA
needs are met. Specification work will be required only to fulfill
requirements gaps that do not fall under the work of existing SDOs. 

This work item has been allocated to the OMA BAC WG (Browser and Content
WG) for specification development.

Best regards,

Victoria Gray on behalf of OMA.

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