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Re: [802SEC] Situation in New Orleans

Matt,  We are already working on several back-up alternatives.  Until we have a full assessment of the conditions at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans and their restoration plan, we can't take any unilateral action.  Hyatt has assured us that they will do their best to ensure that we are covered for our March 2006 Plenary, but just as the Force Majeure clause protects us from any major liability if we are unable to hold a meeting because of say terrorist acts affecting transportation systems, it also protect the hotel from liability if they are unable to provides hotel rooms and meeting space promised due to Acts of God such as hurricane Katerina.  So it is our long term relationship with Hyatt that will give us the priority to access any available spaces, and we may need to be a bit flexible on the location and possibly the dates.  

It will probably be at least a week or two before we have a clearer view of the true situation in New Orleans and a list of our options for recovery plans.  So what else would you suggest we reconsider at this time ???  

Rest assured that we will notify the EC as soon as there is sufficient information available to merit some reconsideration.  

Purely by unfortunate coincidence Paul Nikolich's wife, Laura, and his 3rd son, Adam, were guests at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans, when Katerina roared into town.  Adam was supposed to enroll at Tulane University this Monday, and now they are stuck there for some rather indefinite period under what may be very trying circumstances.  So consider IEEE 802 lucky that we got 6 months early warning.  Paul's family only had a few hours.  

So if you really want to do something right away, I suggest you say a prayer for Paul's family that they can survive this ordeal, get out of there soon, and recover from this major blow to Adam's college plans.  

Thanx,  Buzz
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I have not received any traffic from the EC in the last day or so and am starting to wonder if I've been dropped from the list or something. Attached is a picture of the Hyatt in New Orleans.  I know Buzz is already working this, but given what has happened I really think we need to reconsider the March Plenary.




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