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Re: [802SEC] Five day approval process


Thanks for you input. As previously stated we followed the established
802.18 precedent of using an enabling motion so that we could conduct
business at an interim.

The group intends for this to be a 802.18 input and not an 802 input.
Since it is not meant to be an 802 input my understanding from previous
work in .18 is that approval of an 802.18 only input is different.

As noted previously the comment period for the EC Consultation closed
last week. The intent was to have 802.18's response to them quickly
while they are still accepting other belated inputs. Asking for a five
day review seemed an appropriate way to make certain that the document
would be considered. Those present, to include the two new participants,
did not express any opposition to moving things in this manner.

I'm not certain of the value of limiting .18 to meeting only with the
wireless interim. This is the RR-TAG and we are meeting with an
international regulatory body. The goals for that are the same as
described on the .18 web site - to expand the understanding of both
802.18 attendees and others outside of 802. However this topic goes way
beyond the scope of the approval process for this document.



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	I agree with Carl and Jerry that is important to know if there
was a quorum at the Interim.  Otherwise you can't do business at an
Interim. You said the vote was unanimous, how many people voted?

	It is my understanding that if you want this to be an 802
approved document you need to get the approval of the wireless working
groups before taking it to the EC.  That has always been the process in
the past.  I understand that with 802.18 meeting in a different location
than the other wireless working groups that may not be practical this
week.  This is why we try to collocate the wireless working groups and
technical advisory groups at the interims, to facilitate that
communication. Even if this is going to be an 802.18 document I would
still like to have this presented to the wireless working groups in the
spirit of communication.


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Sent: Monday, September 19, 2005 8:03 AM
Subject: [802SEC] Five day approval process

Please find enclosed 802.18's comments in response to the European
Commission 2.6 GHz consultation. The comment period closes 15 September
but the membership believes it is beneficial to file a response. This
was approved by unanimous consent. I would like to be able to forward
this the European Commission on 25 September. 



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 <<18-05-0033-r0-0000-EC_2.6GHz_Band_Consultation Response.doc>> 

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