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Re: [802SEC] Five day approval process


The RR-TAG is not advocating a single technology for this frequency
band. What is being promoted is the opposite. This is an input from
802.18, not 802, on the topic of the European Commission allowing the
2.5 GHz band to be used by something other than a single technology

What 802.18 is advocating is that the European Commission open the band
to technologies other than UMTS. Currently this band is referred to
being for the expansion of UMTS. In that mode it is restricted from any
other technology, to include those other than UMTS (WCDMA) in ITU-R
Recommendation M.1457. What 802.18 is suggesting is allowing a
technology neutral view such as is used in the U.S. Such an approach
supports the technologies being developed by IEEE 802.

In the U.S. there is no unlicensed portion for the 2.5 GHz band. However
there is no prohibition to a license holder using what some may view as
an unlicensed technology, e.g. 802.11a, in this band. The RR-TAG is
encouraging a similar approach by the European Commission.

If the European Commission were to simply change their current view to
include only the IMT-2000 standards in ITU-R M.1457 (e.g. CDMA2000) then
802 standards would continue to be excluded. The intent of the 802.18
response is to encourage the European Commission to stop mandating a
technology for this frequency band. None of the standards described in
M.1457 are IEEE 802 standards.

At the plenary meeting in San Francisco 802.18 passed an enabling motion
to allow the meeting in Geneva to conduct business. The meeting of
802.18 here in Geneva was announced in early August. Some of those who
are now opposing this input to the European Commission also opposed the
Radio Regulatory TAG having a meeting here in Geneva with the regulators
at ITU-R. They were concerned and suggested that the RR-TAG should be
restricted to meeting only with the other wireless groups rather than
expanding the RR-TAG membership's knowledge of the international
regulatory process and allowing those outside of IEEE 802 to learn more
about us. That view does not seem to serve IEEE 802 well but can be
discussed further in November.



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Subject: Re: [802SEC] Five day approval process


Since 802 has working groups that develop standards for both unlicensed
and licensed bands, I find it curious that 802.18 is advocating this
position when the EC has indicated that it leans toward a single
technology in this band.  Can you provide me with some of the reasoning
that led .18 to come to this conclusion?

Also, I have not seen an answer to the question asked of you on how many
members of 802.18 were present at the vote approving the document.  Can
you provide that answer?

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From: Michael Lynch [mailto:mjlynch@NORTEL.COM] 
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2005 8:03 AM
Subject: [802SEC] Five day approval process

Please find enclosed 802.18's comments in response to the European
Commission 2.6 GHz consultation. The comment period closes 15 September
but the membership believes it is beneficial to file a response. This
was approved by unanimous consent. I would like to be able to forward
this the European Commission on 25 September. 



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 <<18-05-0033-r0-0000-EC_2.6GHz_Band_Consultation Response.doc>> 

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