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Re: [802SEC] Five day approval process


Paul and I discussed this yesterday. The situation aligns with what Mat
said in his email. There is an enabling motion from the July plenary to
allow the interim to work. That motion allowed work without a quorum.
According to those who have been in the RR-TAG longer than I have it was
a normal motion for an interim and conference calls between plenary
meetings. The meeting was announced well in advance.

Not letting the document through supports those who would like to keep
the 2.5 GHz band in Europe limited to either UMTS (the current
situation) or to other technologies contained in ITU-R M.1457. None of
those are IEEE 802 technologies. I'm not saying that the 802.18 input
(it is not meant to be a 802 input) will be what makes the difference. I
am saying that there are those who are wanting to keep IEEE 802
technologies out of the band in Europe and blocking the response
supports their views. It seems in our best interests to encourage the
European Commission to enable true technology neutrality in this
frequency band. This is already a late response to the consultation. I
suspect that even if the RR-TAG had been in Garden Grove some would have
still objected to encouraging the European Commission to take the
technology neutral approach which of course would allow IEEE 802
standards to be used.

I'm perfectly happy to let Paul do what he said he would do and that is
determine the result.



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We are getting to the five day mark on this item. I spoke to Paul today.
Because of the demands of the Standards Board meetings, he isn't up to
speed on the discussions. 

The five day approval process releases the document if no motion has
been made during the 5 days. I have doubts that this document has met
the procedural requirement for prior approval by a 75% majority of the
TAG since the vote was taken at a meeting without quorum. One can assign
work such as the drafting of documents to a subcommittee but I don't
think one can assign required approval votes to such a subcommittee with
a general motion and I don't want to set the precedent by letting the
document through. I don't think we should release the communication
until this is resolved.

Therefore, I move to delay release of the communication until Paul
Nikolich has ruled on whether the requirements of 14.2 for a TAG vote
have been met.

Pat Thaler

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Subject: [802SEC] Five day approval process

Please find enclosed 802.18's comments in response to the European
Commission 2.6 GHz consultation. The comment period closes 15 September
but the membership believes it is beneficial to file a response. This
was approved by unanimous consent. I would like to be able to forward
this the European Commission on 25 September. 



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 <<18-05-0033-r0-0000-EC_2.6GHz_Band_Consultation Response.doc>> 

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