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Re: [802SEC] +++EC email ballot+++ motion to delay release of 802.18 communication+++ends 3 OCT 2005



At 11:16 -0400 2005-09-24, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>Dear EC Memebers,
>The below EC motion has been made, recognized and seconded, hence I am conducting this EC email ballot.
>Therefore, I move to delay release of the communication until Paul Nikolich has ruled on whether the requirements of 14.2 for a TAG vote have been met.
>Moved: Pat Thaler
>Second: Bob Grow
>The ballot closes the sooner of 3 OCT 2005 or 24 hours after all EC members cast a ballot.
>Mike Lynch--in parallel with this email ballot, I strongly encourage you to immediately conduct an email ballot of the 802.18 TAG members to remove all doubt as to whether or not the communication has received proper consideration by the TAG and provide timely updates to the EC such that the EC can observe the progress of the email ballot. 
>--Paul Nikolich

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