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[802SEC] 802.22 PAR and 5C for consideration at the Friday EC closing meeting in November

Dear EC members,

Attached, as Adobe .pdfs, because they are smaller than the source MS Word
docs, you will find a draft PAR and draft 5C for consideration by the EC at
its closing meeting on Friday of the November 2005 plenary.

This notice meets the 30 day requirement of the P&P.

These .pdfs and the source MS Word files are also available on the 802.22
website at the following locations:
.22_Part74_PAR.doc> 22-05-0087-00-0000_802.22_Part74_PAR.doc
.22_Part74_PAR.pdf> 22-05-0087-00-0000_802.22_Part74_PAR.pdf

A tutorial on this subject matter has been scheduled for Monday evening of
the November 2005 plenary.

Finally, while the attached draft PAR was developed by consensus with no
objections from the WG members present, due to time constraints at the
September 802.22 interim, these documents were not formally approved by a
vote of the entire WG.  

WG approval of these documents will be one of the 1st orders of business at
our 802.22 opening plenary on Monday afternoon, and any unanticipated
editorial changes that may result will be provided by e-mail to all EC
members promptly after the approval of the document at our opening plenary.
(This will still give the other WGs time to review and comment on the PAR/5C
prior to the Tuesday 5:00 pm deadline for comments, and 802.22 will respond
to those comments with a final PAR/5C by the Wednesday 5:00 pm deadline.)

Bob O'Hara - please allocate a suitable amount of time for a brief
presentation on this PAR on the 802 opening plenary agenda.


Carl R. Stevenson, Chair, 802.22

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