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[802SEC] Clause 21 Report regarding P802.16e to RevCom

Dear EC Colleagues:

I am writing to report on the status of P802.16e, per the Clause 21 
Conditional Approval granted on 21 July.

The confirmation ballot, including the review of P802.16e/D12, closed 
on 1 November. I do not yet have the official report from the 
Balloting Center, so I am reporting based on the ballot copies I 

The conditions have been met. No comments or Disapprove votes were 
received during confirmation ballot. The final result was 138 
Approve, 2 Disapprove, and 10 Abstain, for an approval ratio of 
98.6%. There are two unresolved Disapprove comments; these are 
essentially duplicates and have been recirculated multiple times.

Among the Approve voters, I am counting one who reported that "I 
accept all the resolutions to my comments and I intend to vote 
approve in the recirc" but who did not cast a vote in the recirc.

P802.16e/D12 is on the December 6 2005 RevCom agenda.



Dr. Roger B. Marks  <> +1 303 497 7837
National Institute of Standards and Technology/Boulder, CO, USA
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access

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