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Re: [802SEC] Updated text for 'WG Membership & Meeting' P&P Revision

At 23:53 13/11/2005, Sherman, Matthew J. (US SSA) wrote:
>As requested, I've modified the existing 'WG Membership & Meeting'  P&P
>Revision to be against the most recently approved P&P (which should be
>posted shortly).  No substantive changes have been made.
>Best Regards,

Mat -

The wording I have a problem with is as follows:

"WG election procedures shall be defined within the WG P&P. Prior to their 
establishment, election procedures must be reviewed and approved by the EC 
before implementation."

The first sentence mandates the existence of a WG P&P document; otherwise, 
the "shall" cannot be complied with.

Yes, at some point, the SA will sick some set of model WG P&P on us; 
however, forcing all 802 WGs to establish P&P ahead of time, with the 
likelihood that the SA actions will cause us to re-work them later on, 
seems to be a gratuitous waste of all our time.

Also, I see absolutely no rational reason why we should have N differently 
worded sets of election procedures for officer positions, so I can see no 
reason why this issue shouldn't be resolved by adding WG election 
procedures to the 802 P&P.

My proposal is, therefore:

1) That both sentences in the above quoted text is removed from the 
existing P&P rules change; and

2) A separate rules change be initiated (which I am happy to do if you 
wish) to add WG officer election procedures to the 802 P&P.

If either of those sentences stay in, I will vote against this change.


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