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[802SEC] Latest Rev of WG Membership and Meeting P&P Revision



Attached please find the latest rev based on most recent comments.  I've
restored the original language for loss of membership based on
attendance, but retained added commentary.  I won't say it is perfect,
but believe it is an improvement over the rules we currently operate
under.  Note that I am still tightening the requirement to gain
membership from 2/4 to 2/3.  I've heard general support for that on the
EC.  I have not polled the membership, but it really has no direct
impact on members (just wanna be members).  


I WILL HOLD A 6 PM P&P MEETING in the Dover room (4th floor Hyatt).  If
you have any concerns please bring them forward to me.  I don't want to
make any further textual changes at this point, but if I know there is a
sensitivity I will partition key text out of the main revision so it can
be voted separately.  I DO NOT plan to have motions to divide.  I will
simply bring separate sections of text to the floor for consideration.


Based on feedback at the P&P open mike session, I plan to bring forward
a P&P revision to permit separate WG Plenary sessions.  These would
replace well planned and long standing interim sessions.  I believe it
can directly address some of the issues we are trying to address
indirectly with the membership rules.  Remember that this will not be a
approve the specific wording I bring forward (which will have had
limited review).  But to agree to deeply consider the change, and
determine it's scope.


I'll follow up with more data in a while.




Matthew Sherman, Ph.D. 
Senior Member Technical Staff 
Office: +1 973.633.6344 


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