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[802SEC] European Communications Committee UWB Consultation


Enclosed is a consultation from the European Communications Committee
concerning their draft Decision on UWB and the proposed operational
requirements including Detect And Avoid (DAA). The RR-TAG has been
working on a response to this and the very rough working document for
that response is also enclosed.

The RR-TAG was unable to complete the response. This was due at least in
part to our feeling that we did not have the participation of the
concerned parties. At today's EC meeting I will discuss this further. If
the EC feels that a response should be made the work can be continued
via conference calls or some other means. Responses need to be submitted
by 24 December.



<<18-05-0047-00-0000_ECC_DEC_(06)AA_on_UWB_Comments.doc>>  <<ECC
comments draft.doc>> 

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ECC comments draft.doc