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[802SEC] Fw: RE: +++URGENT EC Email Ballot approve expenditure of $68.7k to upgrade the network+++

MessageAfter removing the confidential information, I'm forwarding this to the EC list for further discussion.

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From: Rigsbee, Everett O 
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Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 5:04 PM
Subject: RE: RE: +++URGENT EC Email Ballot approve expenditure of $68.7k to upgrade the network+++

Hi Bob,  I do apologize for the late ballot but there was much time required to work out the design, finalize the detailed BoM and justification, and find just the right vendors to provide our best deal pricing.  We are actually getting the IEEE pricing deal that they have provided for IEEE Stds HQ in Piscataway.  I will try to answer your questions in the order posed but if I miss something please let me know or we can do a call to discuss.  

1.  John Hawkins has reviewed the proposal and believes we are getting excellent pricing for the equipment we have selected.  Since we are looking for managed equipment that will interoperate with our older equipment that means we are buying Cisco equipment.  Our experience with the NORTEL equipment in Vancouver that left your group with bad service all week has taught us a lesson about trying to mixed vendors on a bridged VLAN network.  The basic protocols go through but all of the proprietary management functions get trashed.  Single vendor is still the only method that supports full-functionality.  If we want to be world class we need to keep things as consistent as possible.  Once we have a stable and dependable base network we may experiment with multi-vendor extensions  but we don't want to put these in critical path.  So although it was considered, the decision was to stick with a single vendor approach until we have a fully functional, reliable, and repeatable network base to keep our attendees happy with.  It was only our prior history with Cisco that enabled us to get pricing below the current street (web) pricing.  

2.  All equipment has been ordered for delivery to VeriLAN in Portland, OR and Oregon is one of the last 2 states with NO SALES TAX.  Lucky for us.  

3.  We are handling shipping on our FedEx account and much of this equipment is a replacement for our old obsolete equipment which will not be shipped to Denver.  Yes, we are paying more net but that's because we are shipping more now.  That will become our new standard cost.  

4.  If you would like to suggest someone from IEEE you think should review this proposal I would be glad to accommodate that.  We have never had to do that before.  

5.  And in answer to Pat's question we have only purchased 20 AP1231's; it was before our meeting at HR-DFW in March 2003; those 20 AP's did not have the 802.11a radios with them and we paid more per unit for those than we are paying for the new Tri-Mode AP1242's.  So where we will keep those old b,g units for back-up we would prefer to use the Tri-Mode capable units everywhere to keep things uniform and manageable.  

I hope this helps everyone realize that we do need this update and that we have done an excellent job of getting us the best possible deal.  

Thanx,  Buzz
Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
Boeing IT - SSG
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