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Re: [802SEC] Updated Monday agenda

Bob, Please add a motion for on-line training cost to the agenda. 5

Dear Colleagues,

The quote for the course was originally based on expecting a course of
80 to 87 screens - about 77 from the original class slides and 7 to 10
additional slides. The original course went from describing the process
up to getting a PAR to balloting and largely skipped discussion of
developing a draft. The additional slides were to cover adding material
on forming and running a working group and developing a draft.

I underestimated the amount of additional material that would be needed
to fill the gap. I think filling the gap will be very worthwhile since
this more fuzzy area of the process is where a major part of the work
occurs and some groups stumble. The additional material generated about
35 additional slides. Changes due to MyProject and the denseness of the
material on the classroom course slides resulted in a course that is a
total of 155 screens. The course length is now about 3 hours rather than
the originally anticipated 1.5 to 2 hours. 

To cover the additional development time, our vendor, Avilar, is asking
for $4000. Based on our earlier vendor search and our original agreement
with Avilar, this is a very reasonable amount for the increased course

I would also note that I have been very pleased with other aspects of
Avilar performance. Course development has gone very smoothly and
rapidly. We have conducted a beta test with about 20 students and
feedback was very positive. 

Therefore, I will be moving that IEEE 802 approve an additional
expenditure of $4000 for the on-line training.

If you have any questions, I'd like to handle them on the reflector to
the extent possible so I can keep my agenda item to 5 minutes.

Pat Thaler

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Attached is the updated agenda, incorporating additions from several


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