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[802SEC] Interest Categories for Affiliation statement

Dear EC members,

There has been some concern about the classes and definition of 'interest category' should be for the declaration of affiliation statement.

After I did a search on the SA web site I found the below are the Interest Categories and their definitions ( found at URL:

Please share these with your WG/TAG leadership for there use in the declarations of affiliation.

Interest Category Definitions

User: A user is a person or entity that relies on the standard to define conformance of the product or service, 

and to create a common understanding of the operation of the product or service.


Producer: A person or entity directly creating a compliant product, component, or service, for sale or distribution.


General Interest:  General Interest defines a group of participants in standards activities that may benefit directly or indirectly, 

and may be affected by the standard under development without being either a direct user or producer of the product or 

service being defined in the standard.


Government/Military: A representative of any level of government of any nation with direct interest in the development

 of this standard for a product or service.


Academic: A person or entity or educational institution providing academic review of the standard being developed for a product, 

service, or reference material.



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