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Re: [802SEC] Comments on 802.16j PAR


Correction 802.16j PAR Comments 




From: Al Petrick 
Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 6:55 PM
To: 'r.b.marks@IEEE.ORG'
Stuart J Kerrry; Al Petrick
Subject: Comments on 802.11j PAR




We held a 802.11 ad hoc meeting to discuss 802.116j PAR.  We had a set
of comments from one (1) individual. 

There as listed below:


2. Clause 17 of the 802.16j PAR acknowledges that there are other
documents/ projects with a similar scope, but does not provide the
required details.


3. Recognizing that 802.16j does NOT intend to create a full mesh
topology there are still aspects of 802.16j that are "mesh-like" and
hence warrant collaboration with 802.11s and 802.15.5.

These aspects include but are not limited to relay station discovery,
path selection and relayed access control/ authentication.


4. If 802.16j intends to limit itself to a single hop perhaps 802.16
should consider changing the task group name from "Mobile Multihop
Relay" (MMR) to something more appropriate, and also change the text in
the actual PAR to reflect the single hop nature of the ammendment.


I will be available if this week if you have any questions.


-Al Petrick

Vice-Chair 802.11 WG

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