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Re: [802SEC] [802-WEC] Fwd: Ad Hoc meeting of Wireless Architecture Sub-Group


This morning, I received the message below from Tom Siep, notifying 
me of a "Wireless Architecture Sub-Group" meeting that seems to be 
scheduled for tomorrow night (assuming that Tom's reference to 
"today's meetings" is a typo).

Can you tell me more how this meeting was scheduled? I am 
particularly concerned because 802.16 participants are not available, 
since the meeting directly overlaps the 802.16 WG Closing Plenary.


At 09:28 AM -0600 06/03/08, Tom Siep wrote:
>--- This message came from the IEEE 802 Wireless Reflector ---
>Wireless WG Leaders,
>Sending this to you just in case Tony has not yet forwarded the 
>following so you can have the info for today's meetings.  Please let 
>your WGs know of the ad hoc meeting.
>-------- Original Message --------
>Subject: Ad Hoc meeting of Wireless Architecture Sub-Group Date: 
>Tue, 07 Mar 2006 22:39:08 -0600
>From: Tom Siep <><>
>Please inform the EC that the people at this week's Wireless 
>Architecture Sub-Group have requested a follow-up meeting this week 
>to further conversations started at the Monday meeting.  This 
>meeting has been set for Thursday evening in the Granet Room from 
>6:30 to 9:00 pm.
>The tentative agenda is an extention the talks on Monday:
>1.	Dig deeper and move forward on specific issues - allocate 
>some time for each topic that met the "consensus of interest 
>threshold" at the Nov 2005 meeting
>    mesh
>     QoS
>     location - if sufficient time and interest
>2.	Fish for new areas to discuss, discuss a little bit and then 
>poll for interest (which would feed into the next meeting)
>3.	Other topics relating to inter-WG cooperation as arise
>Participants:  Please email me to confirm your attendance, so that 
>we can properly plan for the number of people attending.
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>Tom Siep
>Cambridge Silicon Radio
>Office: +1 972  496-0766 (GMT -6)
>Mobile: +1 214  558-4358               

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