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[802SEC] Attendance Requirements for 802.19 TAG



            The 802.19 TAG has some unique attendance software
requirements.  I believe the 802.18 TAG has similar requirements.


            The 802.19 TAG has an agreement with several of the working
group.  The agreement is that if one of their members attends an 802.19
meeting (e.g. Tuesday 8-10AM) in addition to getting attendance credit
in the 802.19 TAG they also get credit towards keeping their voting
rights in their home working group.  Note that the attendance in the TAG
meeting does not count towards them gaining voting rights in their home
working group.  Currently the 802.19 TAG has made this agreement
formally with 802.11 and 802.15, but I am quite willing to make such an
arrangement with any other wireless working group.


            Therefore, the TAG has the following attendance software


*	The attendance software should allow each participant to
identify their primary working group (this could come from registration
*	When a person attends an 802.19 TAG meeting they should get
802.19 attendance credit for that meeting.
*	When a person attends an 802.19 TAG meeting they should get
attendance credit (towards to keeping their voting rights) in their
primary working group.


If possible I would like these requirements to be met in the software
that will be used at the May Wireless Interim.


In addition to these requirements I assume the software would provide
the attendance results in some format that is easy to access (e.g.


If you have any questions about these comments please notify me.


Mike Lynch may also want to comment on this since I believe his TAG has
similar rules.





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