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Re: [802SEC] Potential EC Motion

From a parliamentary procedure point of view, I would have to agree with
Roger that having a motion have the same effect as our Policies and
Procedures is not the correct thing to do.  If the point of the new
procedure was supposed to be that all work, including that already
established before the adoption of the new procedure, was to be affected
by the new procedure, the new procedure should have stated that.  Since
it didn't include such language and specifically describes the use of
the five criteria document as part of the procedure, it clearly exempts
those projects that existed prior to the adoption of the new procedure
from the needing to implement that procedure.

Regarding Roger's question as to whether the motion establishing this
procedure actually passed, I can't be certain.  According to the current
P&P, 2/3 of all EC members with voting rights must approve a P&P change.
By this measure, the motion did not pass, achieving only 8/15 approval.
However, I don't know if the language of this clause ( has
changed since the November 2004 session.

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I would be opposed to this motion on coexistence assurance, for the 
following reasons:

(1) The proposed motion seeks to, in effect, impose a new rule on 
WGs. Our rules are defined not by motion of the EC but by the P&P. If 
someone wants to impose a new rule, they ought to be proposing a P&P 
change, not a motion. If an approved motion has the status of a rule, 
then our process is broken.

(2) The proposed motion (if approved and enforced) would be adding a 
completely new rule, not interpreting an existing rule. The existing 
P&P says:

*21 [Procedure for Coexistence Assurance] "If indicated in the five 
criteria, the wireless working group shall produce a coexistence 
assurance (CA) document in the process of preparing for working group 
letter ballot and Sponsor ballot."

The projects subject to this motion do NOT indicate in their Five 
Criteria that a CA document will be produced. The language of 
Procedure 21 is clear. It does NOT apply to those projects.

(3) The proposed motion is out of character with the existing rule. 
The existing P&P, as part of the Five Criteria language, says:

* "A working group proposing a wireless project is required 
to demonstrate coexistence through the preparation of a Coexistence 
Assurance (CA) document unless it is not applicable... If the Working 
Group elects not to create a CA document, it will explain to the EC 
the reason the CA document is not applicable."

In other words, for future projects, the existing P&P acknowledges 
that a CA document may or may not be applicable to wireless projects, 
leaving the WG with the opportunity to argue a position. The proposed 
motion would have the EC jump to its own conclusion that a CA 
document is applicable to all of the pre-existing projects.

On a related issue: I would like to better understand how the CA got 
into the P&P in the first place. The minutes of the EC meeting of 
Friday 19 November 19 2004 state, under item 10.06: "Motion: to amend 
the 802 P&P by applying document 19-04/0032r3 to the 802 P&P. Moved: 
Shellhammer/Sherman  Result: 8/2/5 Passes." However, I question 
whether a vote of 8/2/5 was sufficient to pass the motion. In my 
understanding, a change of P&P requires approval of 2/3 of the EC. 
Perhaps someone can explain the grounds for ruling that the motion 
was carried.



At 11:47 AM -0800 06/03/16, Shellhammer, Steve wrote:
>IEEE 802 EC,
>             I have modified the motion that Ajay made at the Friday
>closing plenary, with the intent to see if it is possible to come to an
>agreement on text that would be acceptable to the executive committee.
>I will take comments on this text and if we can agree on the text I
>run an electronic EC ballot on the resulting text, with Paul's
>             Here is the text I drafted based on what I received from
>Ajay.  Please send me and the rest of the EC your comments.
>CA Motion
>Any wireless project intended for unlicensed operation, that could
>potentially cause interference to an 802 wireless standard, and whose
>PAR was approved prior to November 2004 and begins working group letter
>ballot after November 2004 shall produce a coexistence assurance
>document and distribute that CA document with working group letter
>ballot and Sponsor ballot.

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