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[802SEC] RE: [802SEC] RE: Hotel room rates


When I attempted to reserve for staying through Saturday 22 July, the
reservation system would only give me the $229 rate (for the whole
week). Most of our participants will probably be fine with leaving
Friday but for some of our non-North America based participants in WGs
that meet Friday morning and those who want to stay for the EC meeting
might need to book for Friday night. It seems like the hotel might be
trying to pull rooms to early from us for ComicsCon. 


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Geoff,  The room rate is $199.  single or double.  We have a $229 rate
for upgraded tower view rooms (high floors with larger floor-plans and
business plan amenities).  That is also the rate if you put a third
adult in the same room.  We are getting all of their meeting space for
free at that rate.  ComicsCon has no meeting space.  
The $189.00  ComicsCon rate is just for soak-up rooms (to fill up any
lower floor rooms that we have left unbooked).  Having a slightly higher
rate for us is good because the hotel will not be tempted to sell our
rooms to the ComicsCon folks.  And since we are in there first we can
hold onto all that we have booked.  Where we have trouble is when the
other group is at a substantially higher rate so the incentive runs the
other way.  
The $199 group rate is actually a phenomenal deal given that we also
have the lion's share of all of their great meeting space.  Normal group
rates for groups wanting meeting space run from $239 to $269 for this
period.  So rest assured that the rate we have is indeed an excellent
rate for one of the most desirable hotels on the planet.  You'll see
when you get there: it's actually much better than the Denver  property
(which we liked so much), it's going to have great weather while we are
there, and it is a perfect easy-access location.  Try it, you'll like it
!!!     :-)   

Thanx,  Buzz
Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
Boeing IT - SSG
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Seattle, WA  98124-2207
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	To: Rigsbee, Everett O
	Subject: Hotel room rates
	The room rate that we have for the July meeting is 
	        $199 single
	        $229 double

		Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego 
		One Market Place 
		San Diego, CA USA 92101
		Reservation Phone: (619) 232-1234
		The July 2006 IEEE 802 LMSC Plenary Session will be held
during the week of July 16-21, 2006.
		IEEE 802 Group Rate: $199.00 US single or double
occupancy per night plus taxes. Each additional adult person is $30.00
		Dates the group rate is available: July 9-28, 2006
(based on hotel room availability). 

	The hotel has 1625 rooms
	Then I discovered that the Comics Convention problem is not just
competition for rooms in the area but that:
	        #1 The Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego is an official
hotel of the convention.
	        #2 The room rate offered to the funny book folks is less
($189 single or double) than the rate offered to us.
	(See attachment, found at:
<> shtml
<>  )
	Admittedly, there is not 100% overlap on when it happens.
	        ComicsCon is:   In 7/19         Out 7/23
	        IEEE 802 is:    In 7/16         Out 7/21
	I thought we were supposed to be better negotiators than this,
especially when we were (a) offering to fill the hotel and (b) had a
substantial catering budget bundled in. How much of the hotel has Hyatt
given over to ComicsCon room block?
	Geoff Thompson 

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