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[802SEC] Regarding the Suspension of 802.20 Activities


Jerry, thank you for sending the notice regarding press and other inquiries regarding the suspension of the group to the 802.20 officers, it is appropriate.  

There are several other actions regarding logistics that should be taken as well with regards to the 802.20 suspension: 

802.20 Leaderships actions: 
(since Jerry is in Japan, the appropriate 802.20 leader (Secretary?) should handle the below actions immediately)
1) Modify the web site ( ) so that permission to upload new material is restricted to:
         IEEE Staff
         802 Chair
2) The page needs to be modified to:
         Add a notice of suspension to the home page
         Revise the "next meeting"  and "future meetings" material
         Cancel the "Scheduled conference calls"
         Freeze subscriptions to the reflector
         Block the "Document Drop Box" area
3) Regarding the Workgroup Reflector
        - make it clear that the WG suspension includes no discussion of workgroup business on the email reflector.
        - the email reflector should be left up to facilitate communication from SA and 802 officers

802 officers and the SA actions:

-802 Exec Secretary and Treasurer Actions:
     1) Deallocate the rooms as people cancel them
     2) Refund the registrations of those 802.20 participants who do not wish to come to the meeting (Should be without penalty)
     3) Work with the organizers of the September Interim session to account for the reduction of participation from a logistics point of view

-802 Recording Secretary Actions:
    1) Announcements of all of the above to the 802.20 reflector with copies to the EC and copy the info to the web pages.



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  Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2006 10:04 PM
  Subject: Inquiries Regarding the Suspension of 802.20 Activities

  802.20 Officers,
  Please be advised that as officers of the 802.20 Working Group you should not answer any inquiries from the press and others regarding the Steve Mills letter suspending the activities of the working group.

  All inquiries or questions regarding this action should be directed to the Chair or the Secretary of the Standards Board. The Standards Board web site is 

  Since I have received inquiries already, I wanted to make sure you understand the appropriate manner to handle an inquiry whether they are by email or by telephone.

  I am on holiday in Japan until June 23.
  Jerry Upton

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