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[802SEC] [Fwd: [802-ARCH] Wireless Architecture sub-group meeting]

>Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 09:30:25 -0500
>From: Tom Siep <>
>Organization: Cambridge Silicon Radio Plc
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>To: Tony Jeffree <>
>Subject: [Fwd: [802-ARCH] Wireless Architecture sub-group meeting]
>Hi Tony,
>Could you please forward this to the SEC reflector?
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>Subject: [802-ARCH] Wireless Architecture sub-group meeting
>Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 08:42:34 -0500
>From: Tom Siep <><>
>Reply-To: Tom Siep <><>
>Organization: TMS Associates, LLC
>To: <>
>The sub-group of the Architecture group that discusses issues focusing on 
>wireless will meet as usual on the day following the Architecture group 
>Sunday meeting.
>The meeting on 17 July at 8am to 11am
>Topics to be discussed include:
>•    Location awareness (Ivan Reede, lead)
>     –    Refine location awareness concepts discussed
>     –    Propose to develop tutorial for next plenary
>     –    Call for interest will be issued if approved
>•    Service Access Point (SAP) and Application Programmer’s Interface 
>(API) (Darwin Engwer, lead)
>     –    Research standards reference materials
>     –    Present attributes of SAPs needed by wireless to 802.0 in July
>•    Explore the commonality of mesh-like relationships in several WWGs
>     –    Possibly recommend to EC for joint meeting(s) of the 3 groups 
> involved
>     –    Expectation is that both differences and commonalities exist
>     –    A common set of terms with consistent meanings is at least one 
> desirable output
>The formal agenda will be published to 
>Please forward questions, comments, agenda items, and proposed 
>presentations to me.  A reflector is being set up to facilitate 
>communication.  Initial members will be the Architecture group and all 
>sign-ups to previous Wireless Architecture sub-group meetings.
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>Tom Siep
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