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[802SEC] Request for rehearing of appeal

Dear EC Members,

As you are all aware, Jerry Upton has requested appeal re-hearing.  The 
appeal panel has filed a response to Jerry's re-hearing request.  They are 
both attached to this email.  The next step is for the EC to make a decision 
on whether or not to hold the re-hearing.

I have not seen any debate or discussion on this topic on the EC reflector. 
I encourage as much debate and discussion as possible prior to the start of 
the July plenary such that everyone feels they have had an adequate 
opportunity to present their views on the matter because there simply will 
not be much time for live debate during the opening EC meeting.

If there is little or no debate or discussion on this matter over the next 
two weeks it will tell me the 5 minutes or so allocated for discussion 
during the EC meeting is more than adequate for people to make an informed 
decision.  You have two weeks to provide your input--please take advantage 
of the time.


--Paul Nikolich

This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.


Request to 802EC for Appeal Re-hearing JUpton.doc