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[802SEC] Election for 802.16 Vice Chair: July 17

Dear EC,

I'd like to inform you that the 802.16 WG will be holding an election 
on July 17 to fill the role of WG Vice Chair.

As noted below, Vice Chair Ken Stanwood has announced his resignation 
to avoid any perception that the company employing both of us is 
playing too strong a role in the WG.

I'll expect to be seeking a confirmation of the election results 
during the EC meeting of 21 July.


>IEEE 802.16 Vice Chair Ken Stanwood has resigned his position, 
>effective at the end of Session #44. Therefore, at Session #44, the 
>IEEE 802.16 Working Group will hold a special election to fill the 
>Vice Chair position through the remainder of the unexpired term 
>(through the end of the March 2008 Plenary).
>This election will be on the agenda for Session #44 Opening Plenary 
>on the afternoon of Monday 17 July 2006, starting at 1 pm. The 
>process will be as described in the "IEEE 802.16 Working Group 
>Officer Election Process":
>Note that "Should no candidate receive a majority in either 
>election, a runoff election shall be held at the Working Group 
>Closing Plenary meeting." The Closing Plenary meeting is scheduled 
>for Thursday 20 July, beginning at 7 pm.
>As stated in the procedures, "Candidates are encouraged to declare 
>their candidacy, in a Working Group meeting or via the Working Group 
>email reflector, as soon as possible before the election. The names 
>of those eligible who declare their candidacy at least eight days 
>before the scheduled election shall be included on the paper 
>ballot." Given the short notice, I will extend that deadline until 
>July 12 AOE <>. If you would like to be a 
>candidate, please let the reflector know by then. I'll be happy to 
>discuss the position with you if you like.
>Roger B. Marks  <>
>Chair, IEEE 802.16 WG on Broadband Wireless Access <>
>>Dear IEEE 802.16 Working Group:
>>I am resigning as Vice Chair of the IEEE 802.16 Working Group, 
>>effective at the end of the 802 Plenary on Friday 21 July 2006.
>>I am resigning due to the fact that the Working Group Chair and I 
>>are currently both employed by NextWave Broadband. In principle, we 
>>all participate in IEEE as individuals, and I hope that nothing in 
>>my three years as Vice Chair would give members any cause for 
>>concern.  On the other hand, we all work for companies or 
>>organizations, and having both the Chair and Vice Chair employed by 
>>the same company might be perceived as inappropriate. In order to 
>>avoid creating the perception that NextWave is playing too strong 
>>of a role in the Working Group, I believe it would be best for me 
>>to step down.
>>I have been honored to serve as Vice Chair. I will continue to 
>>support the activities of 802.16 and will support the Working 
>>Group's choice of a new Vice Chair.
>>Best Regards,
>>Ken Stanwood

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