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[802SEC] open office hours notes

Meeting held 5-7pm Thursday 20JULY in Molly A/B

Initial exec attendance: Nikolich, Mills, Carlo, Kenney

Participants: Rashba, Tatiner, Camp, Takefman, Sherman, Lindsay, Gilb, Ho-in Jeon, Rigsbee

Items of interest discussed:
1) Anonymous letter should have been ignored
2) Number of staff attendees seemed excessive--in the future Nikolich should be told the reason for each staff member's participation
3) Surprise by one guest over lack of awareness of the SA CAG
4) Could 802 integrate a CAG type process under it's umbrella?  Not likely.
5) Patent policy
6) Group doesn't do anything fun for the social
7) Objective for social--force people to stop working to facilitate cross group and individual communications
8) Gilb given action to work with FtF to cost-effectively improve the fun factor of the Nov plenary session
9) Chinese sensor network group with unique PHY may be interested in 'using' an 802 MAC--is this permissible? If yes, how?

Wrap up:  
Lack of member participation is a problem.  Perhaps we should have the meeting in a more public place.  Improve signage.  Explain the goal and objectives better, e.g. IEEE 802 Q&A.  



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