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[802SEC] Fw: IEEE 802 and JTC1/SC6

 Dear EC Members:

 This is a note regarding the discussion on the formation of national body
 positions related to IEEE 802 standards we had during July plenary session.
 I have appointed Andrew Miles, an 802.11WG Member, to lead the development
 of an 802 position with respect to the below request from JTC1/SC6 to 
 and comment on the 802/SC6 relationship.  The relevant JTC1/SC6 documents
 are attached.  Andrew will be contacting you shortly to provide input to

 Additionally, please notify your WG and TAG members that if their employer
 is not in the US, they should consider connecting with the appropriate
 groups that influence their national body's votes.

 I have been request to announce to those who's employers are US companies
 that more participants would be welcomed in the US TAG Technical Advisory
 Group (TAG) for ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC6/WG1 Project 05.  This is the "committee"
 that can provide an IEEE 802 influenced vote on LAN/MAN subjects in JTC1.
 Mr. Bob Pritchard is the contact for this US TAG.  Any one interested in
 joining the US TAG should contact Mr. Prichard at
 Please pass this information along to your group's members.



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> Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006 12:48 PM
> Subject: IEEE 802 and JTC1/SC6
> Terry:
> There have been many discussions/e-mails
> concerning a request from the JTC1/SC6
> Secretary (based on a Resolution passed at the
> latest SC6 Plenary meeting) for review
> and comment on documents concerning the IEEE-802 relationship with SC6. 
> That
> request was addressed to NBs of SC6 and to IEEE-SA and to IEEE 802 LMSC.
> Geoff Thompson has already informed you that he
> is responsible for developing a USNB
> response. It is my understanding that Steve Mills
> is responsible for developing an
> IEEE-SA response, and Paul Nikolich is
> responsible for developing an IEEE-802 LMSC
> response, although each of those gentlemen
> presumably has delegated that responsibility,
> e.g., Steve to you? In my role as IEEE TAG
> Administrator for JTC1 subgroups, I would
> like the three responses to be coordinated but
> not identical - each group has some
> specific and unique interests, e.g., IEEE-SA the copyright/publication
> issue.
> With that long-winded introduction, I want to be
> sure you have the necessary documents
> for review and comment. These are:
> o JTC1/SC6 N 13127 - SC6 Secretariat Request
> o JTC1/SC6 N 13128 - Chinese NB concerns which led to N13127
> o JTC1/SC6 N 11917 - Procedures for Cooperative
> Working between SC6/WG1 and IEEE 802
> o JTC1/SC6 N 11240 - 1999 Berlin Resolutions
> (Specially, Resolutions 6.1&3.2 and 6.3.1)
>    NOTE in 1999-2001, the 802 work took place in
> WG1 and WG3 of SC6 - SC6 has since
>                                     reorganized
> o ISO/IEC TR 8802-1:2001 - - - - Local and metropolitan area networks --
>    Specific requirements - Part 1: Overview of Local Area Network 
> Standards
> The first four documents are contained in the zip
> file attached; the ISO/IEC TR is
> under ISO copyright and should be obtained by some other means.
> If I receive any information on any of the three
> responses, I will let you know,
> and I'd appreciate your doing the same with me.
> In the meantime, if you have any questions, please let me know.
> Best,
> Bob P.
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JTC1SC6 Documents for SC6 Prague Resolution