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Re: [802SEC] +++ 802 EC Email Ballot to Approve 802 Liasion Letter to China +++


At 01:08 PM 9/6/2006 -0700, Stuart J. Kerry wrote:
>Dear EC Members,
>This is a 10 day email ballot to make a determination on the motion below:
>Motion:  "To approve the proposed 802 Liaison Letter to China; per the text
>below". As per the minutes of the closing EC meeting in San Diego, CA, USA
>on July 21st, 2006.
>Moved: Kerry
>Second: Heile
>This ballot opens 12:59 PM ET Wednesday September 6th, 2006 and closes when
>all voting EC members have cast a ballot but no later than 12:59 PM ET
>Saturday September 16th, 2006 if enough ballots have been cast for a
>decision to be made (more than 8 approves or disapproves).
>I thank Roger Marks and Bob Heile for their valuable edits to the text of
>the Draft Letter.
>++++++ TEXT OF DRAFT LETTER ++++++
>IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee
>         Roger B. Marks
>         IEEE 802 China Liaison Official
>To:     Zhou Baoxin, CCSA
>           Lin Ning, CESI
>CC:     . Wen Ku, MII
>           . Liu Shuangqiu, SAC
>           . Paul Nikolich, Chair, IEEE 802
>Subject:  Update on IEEE 802 Activities
>Date:   XX September 2006
>IEEE 802 would like to update you on some of its recent activities.
>The IEEE 802 Plenary took place in San Diego, CA, USA on 16-21 July 2006.
>The attendance was approximately 1300. For a high-level summary of the
>results, I refer you to the session reports at:
>          <>
>Please feel free to circulate this information. We welcome your suggestions
>on how we can increase contacts and communications with Chinese
>standardization bodies, including at the detailed technical level.
>Some highlights are presented in the attachment. I would like to call your
>particular attention to the activities in the 802.1 and 802.15 Working
>Groups, since they are directly related to China.
>I would also like to inform you that the IEEE has decided to proceed with
>the development of an IEEE China Office, to be located in the Haidian
>District of Beijing. This "representative office" will primarily support the
>activities of the IEEE Computer Society and the IEEE Standards Association.
>IEEE 802 renews its invitation for collaboration in the development of
>networking standards, including wireless LAN standards. IEEE 802 appreciates
>the contributions that have been made to its progress by Chinese
>professionals and seeks enhanced participation by Chinese technical experts.
>It also welcomes information on the technical requirements of the Chinese
>government and marketplace.
>Best regards,
>Roger B. Marks
>IEEE 802 China Liaison Official
>Attachment: Update on IEEE 802 Activities
>*       On 16-21 July 2006, in San Diego, CA, USA, IEEE 802 met in a Plenary
>Session, as it does each March, July, and November. This included meetings
>of Working Groups 802.1, 802.3, 802.11, 802.15, 802.16, 802.17, 802.21, and
>802.22, as well as Technical Advisory Groups 802.18 and 802.19. The
>attendance was about 1300 people. For a high-level summary of the results,
>see < <>
>>. For information on future sessions, see
>< <>>.
>*       The IEEE 802.1 Working Group on Higher Layer LAN Protocols <
><>> held a successful meeting in
>Beijing, China on 15-18 May 2006, along with the 802.3as and 802.3ar Task
>*       The IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group < <>
>> continued work on several topics and initiated the
>creation of a Higher Speed Study Group to consider enhancements to greater
>than 10 Gb/s MAC data rate.
>*       The IEEE 802.11 Working Group on Wireless Local Area Networks <
><>> is actively working on many
>issues pertaining to wireless LANs, including High Throughput (TGn [Task
>Group n]), Vehicular Applications (TGp), Fast BSS Transition (TGr), Mesh
>Networking (TGs), improved Network Management (TGv), and Security Extensions
>for Network Management (TGw).
>*       Within the IEEE 802.15 Working Group on Wireless Personal Area
>Networks (WPAN) < <>>, a new
>Study Group (Study Group 4c) has been initiated to investigate an amendment
>to IEEE 802.15.4-2006 to support the 779-787 MHz, 430-432 MHz, and
>433-434.79 MHz bands that it understands have been approved for the
>operation of WPAN equipment within the People's Republic of China. The Study
>Group is collaborating with the WPAN Standard Working Group under China's
>National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee (NITS).
>It welcomes additional information on the details of Chinese regulations.
>Clint Powell <> serves as Chair.
>*       The IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access <
><>> continued progress on many
>projects, including multihop relay specifications, license-exempt
>coexistence, and network management.
>*       The IEEE 802.17 Resilient Packet Ring Working Group <
><>> made progress on the P802.17b
>*       The IEEE 802.18 Coexistence Technical Advisory Group <
><>> prepared input to a
>regulatory body in New Zealand and prepared several contributions to ITU-R.
>*       The IEEE 802.19 Coexistence Technical Advisory Group <
><>> reviewed two coexistence
>assurance documents. It also approved a procedure for developing a
>Recommended Practice on methods of assessing coexistence of wireless
>*       The IEEE 802.20 Working Group on Mobile Broadband Wireless Access <
><>> did not meet since the
>activity is under suspension by the IEEE-SA Standards Board.
>*       The IEEE 802.21 Working Group on Media Independent Handover Services
>< <>> presented an overview
>tutorial <
>continued to develop a draft, and communicated with other working groups.
>*       The IEEE 802.22 Working Group on Wireless Regional Area Networks <
><>> made progress toward the
>development of its first P802.22 draft.
>/ Stuart
>Vote Categories:                        APP     DIS     ABS     DNV
>VC      Mat     Sherman
>VC      Pat     Thaler
>ES      Buzz    Rigsbee
>RS      Bob     O'Hara
>TR      John    Hawkins
>01      Tony    Jeffree
>03      Bob     Grow
>11      Stuart  Kerry
>15      Bob     Heile
>16      Roger   Marks
>17      Mike    Takefman
>18      Mike    Lynch
>19      Steve   Shellhammer
>20      Jerry   Upton
>21      Vivek   Gupta
>22      Carl    Stevenson
>16 Voters                                   0          0         0         0
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