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[802SEC] +++EC Email ballot (closes no later than 17SEP2006)+++ Motion to approve the attached EC position statement regarding the SC6 review of 8802-1

Dear EC Members,

Per the below email I sent you last Friday 
( , a revised version of the 
IEEE 802 position statement on the review of the 8802-1 and related 
documents by SC6 is attached for EC approval.

Motion: The 802 LMSC EC resolves to adopt the attached position statement 
(appropriately edited to remove the "DRAFT" and "Change History" text)
Moved-Tony Jeffree
Seconded-Mat Sherman

Please cast your vote as soon as possible.  The ballot closes the earlier of 
either 17 Sept 2006 or 24 hours after every EC member has cast a vote.


--Paul Nikolich

 Subject: [802SEC] request for input from 802 EC members regarding 8802-1 
 From: Paul Nikolich <paul.nikolich@ATT.NET>
 Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 11:40:57 -0400


Dear EC Members,

In an e-mail sent to this reflector two weeks ago a process was outlined to 
develop an IEEE 802 LMSC position on potential revisions to ISO/IEC TR 
8802-1:2001, which documents a cooperation process between IEEE 802 LMSC and 

Since that time a small group has contributed to a draft position IEEE 802 
LMSC statement for submission to Robin Tasker (editor of 8802-1) by 27 Sept 
06. Andrew Myles coordinated the activity and developed the draft position 
statement in the attached powerpoint document. Contributions were received 
from Geoff Thompson, Steve Mills, Pat Thaler, David Law, Andrew Myles, Gary 
Robinson, Bob Pritchard and Paul Nikolich. The draft position does not 
necessarily represent the views of all contributors.

The original plan was to have a teleconference next week to discuss the 
position statement. However, the lack of response from the EC (and, 
presumably, their WG/TAG membership) suggests this is probably not a useful 
exercise. The lack of response is not surprising because, although the the 
relationship with ISO/IEC is important, it is "esoteric standards work", 
orthogonal to the interests of most Working Group members.

A slightly modified process to approve this document will now be followed:

  a.. The draft position statement is attached to this e-mail for comments 
by the 802 EC. Comments should be sent to the 802 EC reflector and cc'ed to 
Andrew Myles ( The closing date for comments is 5pm 
ET on Thursday, 7 Sept 06.
  b.. Andrew Myles will generate an updated version of the draft position 
statement based on these comments by 7am ET on Friday, 8 Sept 06.
  c.. The 8 Sept 06 version will be sent out for EC approval via an 802 EC 
e-mail ballot on 8 Sept 06. The ballot will close on 17 Sept 06.
  d.. If the EC ballot fails, Andrew Myles will make further changes early 
in the week during the IEEE 802.11 WG interim session in Melbourne and a 
second 802 EC e-mail ballot will be issued with a closing date of 26 Sept 
  e.. I want to avoid a second EC e-mail ballot--hence the 1-7 Sept comment 
period--please, please, please provide your input prior to 5 pm ET 7 Sept 
  f.. Assuming a position statement is approved, it will be sent to Robin 
Tasker on 26 Sept 06.
Andrew Myles is available to discuss the draft position statement at any 
time after 5am (3pm ET) any day next week on +61 2 84461010 (W) or +61 418 
656587 (M). 

This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.

xx-06-xxxx-04-000-review of 8802-1.ppt