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[802SEC] Draft Reply Brief Response

Dear EC members,

Attached is the draft reply brief response prepared by Mike Takefman on the EC's behalf to the appeal filed by Jerry Upton with SASB regarding 802 Appeal Panel Decision dated April 6, 2006 on the Appeal of Mollenauer, Oprescu, and Wieczorek Concerning Decisions of the IEEE 802.20 Working Group Chair.

The reply brief is due to be filed 27 Oct 2006 with the SASB secretary.  The reply brief will not be subject to an EC ballot, since as Chair it is my responsibility to represent the position of the prevailing majority of the decision in question.  If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations on the reply brief, please forward them to me and Mike Takefman and they will be considered as supporting material to use during the hearing, but at this point I do not plan on making any changes to the brief prior to submitting it to the SASB.  The hearing is scheduled for Monday 4 DEC 2006 during the SASB meeting series.


--Paul Nikolich

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