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[802SEC] Attendance Collection in Dallas

The Dallas IEEE 802 plenary meeting is quickly approaching and we need to
determine what our attendance collection options are for this session. As
vice-chair of 802.15, I am responsible for 802.15 attendance collection. As
far as I am aware, there are three options available to all working groups.

1. Manual methods. Labor intensive and viable for some of the smaller
groups. Generally not a desired or preferred approach.

2. The IEEE system originally tested for .11 and tested by other wireless
groups in Melbourne. Although this system is currently available at no
charge, it lacks security, authentication and an administrative interface to
modify the database during the session to make corrections. The system also
lacks a feedback mechanism allowing an attendee to monitor his accrued
percentage of attendance. The IEEE openly acknowledges the shortcomings of
the interface, and has stated that this is a throwaway stop gap solution.

3. The Azgaard system originally tested by .15 and tested by other wireless
groups in San Diego. This system provides authentication tied to the
registration database (so only paid attendees can log attendance credit),
security in the form of unique user/password restricted access, immediate
user feedback showing the percentage of accrued session attendance credit
and an administrative interface which allows an admin to modify records
during the event (e.g. if an attendee forgot to sign in to a meeting and
needed to have his attendance record corrected.) *Note: Unless this solution
is adopted by 802, it may not be available in the, if you
haven't used it before, this may be your last chance to try it and form your
own opinion of its value to 802.*

If you wish to use the IEEE system, I recommend you contact Walter Pienciak
** <>.

If you wish to use the Azgaard system (my preference), please reply to this
email. The Azgard system, which is a commercial application, is being
offered for use by IEEE 802 during the Dallas session for a minimum fee of
$500 or $2/user, whichever is greater. This fee will have to be approved by
either the 802 Wireless Groups Executive Committee or the IEEE SEC. I will
pass along your choice to use this approach to both the 802SEC and
802Wireless SEC.

Rick Alfvin
Vice Chair IEEE 802.15
+1 585.781.0952

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