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Re: [802SEC] [802.3] New meeting participation requirement

I agree with Tony.  As WG chairs we are not the grand inquisitors/judge and

We must rely to a large degree on the representations that are made to us,
or our designated attendance takers, unless we happen to have some personal
knowledge that it is patently false - else we could be subject to personal


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Bob (and SEC colleagues) -

I note that the new text of SB Ops Manual,, states: "The 
chair shall review the adequacy of disclosures." Beyond noting that a 
participant has written something legible (and not impolite!) in the 
space on the signup sheet, it is not at all clear to me that I, or 
any other WG chair for that matter, is competent to " the 
adequacy of disclosures", especially so in the absence of a 
definition of "adequate", but I suspect, even if "adequate" is 
adequately (sic) defined.

So, while I intend to pilot a similar scheme to yours at next weeks' 
802.1 interim (and apologizing in advance for pinching some of your 
words), my "review (of) the adequacy of disclosures" will necessarily 
be restricted to observing (a) that something is written in the 
relevant space in the signup book and (b) that I can transpose it 
with a reasonable expectation of accuracy into the attendance list 
for the minutes.


At 18:24 12/01/2007, you wrote:
>This is a reminder of information I have reported on at recent 
>opening 802.3 plenaries.  A number of significant changes have been 
>incorporated in IEEE-SA governing documents (IEEE-SA Operations, 
>IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws and IEEE-SA Standards Board 
>Operations Manual) that will affect IEEE 802.3 and subgroup 
>operation.  These updated documents are now effective and can be 
>found for your reference at: 
>At next week's meeting, all participants will be asked to provide 
>written disclosure of their affiliation (verbal disclosure has been 
>the custom during introductions for most of 2006's 802.3 
>meetings).  The IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual includes 
>this new requirement, which we will fulfill through the attendance 
>sign-in book.
>For many of you, your affiliation is your employer; but for others, 
>some other entity may be funding your participation.  Anyone 
>refusing or failing to declare affiliation will not receive 
>attendance credit for the January interim meeting.  Full compliance 
>with the affiliation policy will be enforced beginning with the 
>March plenary meeting.  To support this declaration of affiliation 
>requirement, there will be a new look for the attendance books.  The 
>attendance sign in sheets will include your contact information, a 
>place to write affiliation and have the following notice about your 
>affiliation declaration:
>"You are deemed "affiliated" with any person or organization (other 
>than IEEE and its officers acting in that capacity) that has 
>requested, paid for, or otherwise sponsored your participation in 
>this meeting, whether that payment was made to you or your employer. 
>Failure to disclose every affiliation will result in not receiving 
>attendance credit for this meeting and may result in other 
>penalties, including permanent loss of membership in this group. 
>Please note that you are not excused from compliance with this 
>policy by reason of any claim of a conflicting obligation (whether 
>contractual or otherwise) that prohibits disclosure of affiliation. 
>If you are under contract not to disclose your affiliation, you must 
>either get a waiver of that requirement or lose 802.3 voting member 
>privileges. Submitting a form without full disclosure would be 
>considered false and misleading."
>Please feel free to email me any suggestions for improving the 
>implementation of this requirement after trying the new sign in 
>sheets next week.
>Bob Grow
>Chair, IEEE 802.3

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