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[802SEC] open office hours minutes

BobO, Please put these in the closing EC minutes under the 'open office hours' agenda item.  Regards, --Paul

Open Office Hours Minutes, 14MAR2007.  SOM 7:50pm, EOM 9:10pm

Panel Members: Paul Nikolich, Karen Kenney, Jim Carlo, Steve Mills

Attendance, approximately 16 people at start of meeting, 6 at end of meeting

Format: panel at front of room on dias, attendees at tables

Comments from the attendees:

Not enough non-NA meetings
- meeting fees are not a substanial fraction of cost to attend--should not be a major barrier to non-NA meetings
- Israel meeting cost was reasonable (~$300), 
- David James--feels the meeting fees are too high, lack of international chairs, need an affirmative action program
- Adrian recommends against London/Paddington
- CONCLUSION: meet internationally once per year, Geneva may be a good starting location

IPR Tutorial comments
- questions were poorly addressed, e.g. disclosure policy
- much discussion regarding the assignment and affiliation requirements
- CONCLUSION: send your questions and concerns to the patcom adminstrator

802.11n ballot
- procedural ballot 15day is too long,   Reason for his concern--the editors were forced to work long hours to meet the 15day plus 30 day letter ballot requirement in the dot11 project
- CONCLUSION: WG chair could be authorized by WG at closing meeting to approve editorial work of merging comments into draft is done properly, obviating the need for the 15 day procedural letter ballot.  Institute an LMSC policy change reducing letter ballot time to 10 days from 15 days.

Press articles in Japanese press
- photographs circulated of an 802 meeting--this is expressly forbidden,  but what can be done?
- CONCLUSION: continue efforts to ensure positive press balances negative press

Meeting format
- panel/audience format was not conducive to informal conversation

Conclusion on value of Open Office Hour feedback format
- these informal sessions are not working - as only a few stallwarts attend. 
- I will discontinue Open Office Hours

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