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[802SEC] FW: Announcement - SCC on DySPAN Approved

Paul and EC Members,


            Here is an announcement on the formation of the SCC on


            Also, Paul I have not received any suggested edits on the
letter from you to Steve Berger, so I assume you can make any
appropriate edits as you see necessary and sent it out.  You can
consider this email a friendly reminder.  :-)




[] On Behalf Of Stephen Berger
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2007 11:36 AM
To: stds-pdr@IEEE.ORG; SDCom
Subject: Announcement - SCC on DySPAN Approved


A few moments ago the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board
approved the reorganization of the IEEE 1900 effort as Standards
Coordinating Committee 41 (SCC on Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks).  


You will be seeing more on this in the days ahead as we workout the
specific transition issues.  However, it is everyone's intention that
current projects proceed forward with full support.  We believe that
having an SCC gives us a better structure to grow and develop the full
potential of what is before us.


Special thanks to Paul Kolodzy, who joined me in presenting the proposal
to the Standards Board.  Paul hit a home run with his presentation and
had a strong influence in the unanimous approval we received from the
Standards Board.


Best Regards,

Stephen Berger

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