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[802SEC] Summary of first IMT Advanced Correspondence Group Conference Call - 22 March

Dear EC,

On 22 March the RR-TAG held the first conference call of the IMT
Advanced correspondence group. This group continues the work begun
during the March plenary in Orlando. The group's goal is to develop an
input for the May meeting of ITU-R WP8F in Kyoto.

The IEEE 802 WGs represented were 802.11, 802.16, 802.20, 802.21 and
802.22. These WGs reported that they have either established a process
to develop inputs to this work or will do so ASAP. The correspondence
group itself consists of the WG chairs who expressed an interest in
participating during the March plenary meeting plus the RR-TAG. The WG
chairs may appoint delegates to deal with drafting the document but only
the WG chairs (and voting members of the RR-TAG) will be able to vote.

The link below will take you to the conference call agenda. The agenda
includes a work plan which was discussed and modified during the call.

There will be weekly conference calls at 1:30 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time
(PDT) on Thursdays. A summary of those calls will be provided to the EC
and WG chairs are urged to share the same with their memberships.
Likewise the WG chairs are encouraged to circulate the working document.

ITU-R has two recommendations (M.687 and M.1034) which may provide
useful background material for those participating in the correspondence
group. These recommendations are available for free from ITU-R under a
program that allows free download of up to three recommendations. More
information is available on the ITU-R web site.

The document under development is being edited by John Notor. The format
being used is the same as ITU-R WP8F is using to develop their
requirements text. John has posted a preliminary version on the IMT
Advanced correspondence group web site (kindly provided by the 802.16

Inputs to this work can be made through the WG chairs and their
designates in two ways.

1) By editing the preliminary version of the document with changes

2) By providing text for a specific paragraph clearly showing which
paragraph it should be included in.

Inputs need to be provided to the editor NLT noon Wednesday PDT so that
they may be included in the document for review on the Thursday
conference call. They should be provided directly to the editor
( and posted on the IMT Advanced correspondence group
web site.

The target date for having a final draft document is 20 April. The
target date for the RR-TAG to ballot the document is 24 April via a
conference call. (The RR-TAG is permitted to conduct votes via
conference call.) There will be parallel 15 day ballots in the EC and
the participating WGs with a targeted start date of 25 April. The
correspondence group requests that during the EC and WG ballots any
significant issues with the draft document be brought forward in the
first week of the ballot. Further dates and details are available in
Doc. 18-07-0030-r1-0000 which is available both on the RR-TAG web site
under March 2007 meeting documents and on the IMT Advanced
correspondence group web sit.

The following link will take you to the minutes of the 22 March call and
a list of attendees.

The next call will be 29 March. A reminder with bridge details will be
sent on 28 March.



+1 972 684 7518 (ESN 444 7518) Voice
+1 972 684 3774 (ESN 444 3775) FAX
+1 972 814 4901 (ESN 450 9401) Mobile


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