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[802SEC] 802.20 Vice Chair vote of confidence

Dear EC Members,

Even though the vote of confidence in the 802.20 Vice Chairs was not required, I am pleased to announce the EC email ballot confirmed SASB's decision to appoint Mollenauer and Klerer to the position of 802.20 Vice Chairs.

The following should clarify why an EC decision on the 802.20 Vice Chair appointments was not required--
The selection of the individuals to occupy the Vice Chair positions rested solely within the authority of the SASB per their 19SEP2006 directive ( which stated:
"All of the IEEE 802.20 officers will be replaced as part of the Working Group's reorganization, in an effort to provide clearly neutral leadership and to eliminate perceptions of possible bias. The SASB is establishing a Search Committee co-chaired by the IEEE 802 Chair and the SASB Chair and consisting of members of the SASB and the IEEE 802 Executive Committee (EC). The Search Committee will define criteria and requirements for the candidates, solicit volunteers, evaluate candidates, and present a final proposed slate to the SASB no later than 3 November 2006, to be followed by an SASB vote on or before 12 November 2006 on the candidates forwarded by the Search Committee. The suspension of the IEEE 802.20 Working Group will continue until at least a chair is approved by the SASB. "

The deadline of 3NOV2006 did not apply to the Vice Chairs, since no one volunteered prior to that time.

The SASB voted to confirm the appointment of the Vice Chair candidates at their 22MAR2007 meeting as follows:

"5.2.3 Confirmation of 802.20 Vice Chair Candidates
Two vice chair candidates have been identified - Jim Mollenauer as the Procedural Vice Chair, and Mark Klerer as the Liaison Vice Chair. The vote of the 802.20 membership was overwhelmingly in favor of supporting these two individuals as their vice chairs. The Chair asked for SASB support in endorsing these two candidates. 
Mover - Malcolm Thaden
Second - Ron Petersen
Motion - Move to endorse Jim Mollenauer and Mark Klerer as vice chairs of 802.20
Result - Unanimously approved by the non-conflicted members of the IEEE SASB"


--Paul Nikolich    

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