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[802SEC] Update on IEEE 802 input to ITU-R WP8F on IMT-Advanced Requirements

Dear EC members,

Attached are two sets of charts. 

The first, 18-07-0052, is what I will present to the EC on Monday
morning. It provides some background on the work done to date on
IMT-Advanced Requirements and plans for further work during the San
Francisco meeting. Note that we will further consider, and hopefully
decide,  what was discussed at the London meeting in January. Does IEEE
802 want to submit a joint technology proposal to ITU-R WP8F? At this
time it appears that such a proposal would need to be submitted in Q4

The second, 18-07-0049, is the presentation that Adam Pollard will
present at Tuesday evening's IMT-Advanced meeting. Adam chaired the
drafting group at the Kyoto WP8F meeting that prepared the draft
revision of the requirements document. 

The actual document that IEEE 802 submitted, 18-07-0026, is available on
the 802.18 web site in the March meeting documents folder. There are two
versions there; one clean and the marked up version that was submitted
to ITU-R.




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