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[802SEC] Summary of 802.15 EC actions/agenda items for Friday

Dear EC Colleagues

This email (and the attached presentation) summarizes the intended 
actions/motions from 802.15 for the closing Executive Committee Meeting Friday.

Renewal of 2 Study Groups (consent agenda):

1.  15.4c Study Group for alternative PHY for operation in China-  3rd 
renewal.  Contingency action only in case PAR is not approved.
2.  Body Area Networking- 2nd renewal. PAR and 5C essentially completed at 
this session. Plan is to submit for EC action in November.

New Study Group:

The following motion will be brought forward to form a new Study Group 
(SG4e) chaired by Pat Kinney to look at MAC enhancements for 15.4:

Move to approve the formation a Study Group in 802.15 to draft a PAR and 5C 
for MAC enhancements to 802.15.4

Moved:  Steve Shellhammer
Second:  Vivek Gupta

Motion that passed in the WG closing plenary Thursday evening (27/0/4):
That the IEEE 802.15 WG seek approval from the IEEE 802 EC to start a study 
group investigating 802.15.4-2006 MAC enhancements such as
- Support for Determinism
- Mixed service and power savings levels in one network (dynamic transmit 
power control)
- Frequency diversity for retransmissions for improved reliability
- Low duty cycle operation with beacons for power efficiency
- Distributed management of time slots and frequency hopping patterns for 
fast recovery from regional failures
- 2ms per hop latency including 1 retransmission
- Direct communication between Reduced Functionality Devices in the network
that would allow the IEEE 802.15.4-2006 standard to better address the 
needs of wireless critical applications such as industrial control and 
alarm systems, waste water plant control and alarm systems, robotics, and 
last meter telecom services.

Approval to Foward 15.4c PAR document 15-07-0606-03 to NesCom

Move to forward 15-07-0606-03-004c-sg4c-draft-par , in the proper form, to 
Moved:  Steve Shellhammer
Second: Vivek Gupta

Background info contained in a previous email.


Bob H.

Bob Heile, Ph.D
Chairman, ZigBee Alliance
Chair, IEEE 802.15 Working Group on Wireless Personal Area Networks
11 Louis Road
Attleboro, MA  02703   USA
Mobile: +1-781-929-4832

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