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[802SEC] Notes from Attendance software meeting on 19 July, 2007


Attached are my notes from the meeting we had on Attendance Software, 19
July 2007 from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm.

The presentation mentioned in the notes was sent to the EC in an earlier

James Gilb

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Attendees: Karen Kinney, Clyde Camp, Bob La Belle, James Gilb, Steven Mills,
Vivek Gupta, Stuart Kerry, Harry Worstel, Paul Nikolich, Buzz Rigsbee, Steve
Shellhammer (and a few others I didn't catch)

 - Presentation by Clyde Camp and questions from EC

Meeting began at 12:30 pm

C. Camp presents IMAT presentation.
 - IMAT is tied to myProject
 - Using IMAT for attendance will remove requirement for annual roster upload
 as it will be done automatically.
 - The term "Involvement level" for 802 voter, nearly voter, aspirant,
 participant, etc.
 - They have already fixed some bugs in the interface
 - Preventing overlapping attendance can be an issue, particularly when the
 breakouts for differnt groups overlap and are of differnt time durations.
 - There has been some minor feedback, only 2 people have given responses by
 email so far (plus one person who pointed out a bug on Monday that was fixed).

S. Kerry feedback:
 - Change column color of the active column to highlight it better.
 - Make sure that setting up the breakouts is dynamic and flexible.

B. Rigsbee asked "Does IMAT prevent signing in for a session outside of the
meeting time.

H. Worstell suggestion
 - For buttons, have the active button large, the indicators for attendance
 history small.

J. Gilb suggested to add the official meeting clock to the sign in page.

C. Camp asked: Can we go live in September with 802.11 and 802.15?

H. Worstell and S. Kerry said that they must have access to test the
management interface at least one week in advance of the meeting.

C. Camp indicated that it would be available for testing 2 weeks in advance.

S. Kerry indicated that H. Worstell will make the decision for 802.11 if the
old system is decomissioned.

S. Kerry said that it was important to make sure that if the affiliation is
filled out before the attendance for a breakout is recorded.  In particular,
if the person clicks button to update the attendance but closes the
affiliation window without filling it out, the attendance shall not be

C. Camp: All .11 and .15 attendees must have aqcuired a WebID, myProject and
registered their Interest Areas by September meeting.

C. Camp will send information to J. Gilb about how to get signed up.  J. Gilb
will then email out this information to the EC list.

C. Camp continued with the presentation:

November: (beta)
 - Complete spec'd functionality
 - Open to all WGs, .11 and .15 must?

S. Shellhammer: What about entity balloting, such as for 802.20?

C. Camp: The software is designed for all of IEEE SA, some of which include
entity balloting, so the system will handle it.  In addition, this system only
tracks attendance, not balloting, and attendance for entity groups needs to be
collected as well.

H. Worstell: What about external meeting planner interface for badge printing?

C. Camp: They understand the requirements for Face-to-Face, but are not sure
about the requirements for other meeting planners.

C. Camp continued with the schedule
Production release in January for all groups

For groups not in Taipei at the interim, options:
  - Put IMAT on local server
  - Use existing method and upload
  - Public web-based instance
  - Use paper system

Interface update requested: Flag breakouts that don't count for credit.

J. Gilb left at 1:30 pm

This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.