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[802SEC] FW: Handbook on deployment of BWA systems

Dear EC members,
Please find attached a liaison from ITU-R WP 8A regarding development of
Volume 5 to the Land Mobile Handbook (including wireless access) which
will be titled "Deployment of broadband wireless access (BWA) systems"
in the mobile service. 
Note that the liaison references ITU-R Recommendation M.1801 which
includes both IEEE 802.11 and 802.16 as well as a number of non-IEEE
technologies. Therefore it seems highly likely that both of those WGs
would respond to this liaison. It suggested that contributions be
limited to five pages each. Information is requested on an overview of
the standard/technology, air interface, system architecture and
deployment, associated infrastructure, etc. Comparisons with other
technologies must be avoided.
The liaison specifically asks for information to be provided to the WP8A
correspondence group charged with this work on the following topics:
1)          generic information on system deployment and architecture,
operational requirements, service environment, applications,
technologies, etc. of BWA systems for sections 2-6 of the handbook.

2)          information on the deployment of radio interface
technologies that are listed in ITU-R Recommendation M.1801: Radio
interface standards for broadband wireless access systems, including
mobile and nomadic operations, in the mobile service operating below 6
GHz for Annex B of the handbook;

3)          links to documentation on the standards, relevant reports
and White Papers, etc. for Annex D of the handbook.

WP8A is requesting this data be submitted to the correspondence group by
1 December 2007. If the 802.11 and 802.16 WGs desire to respond then it
is suggested that the work begin at the September interims and completed
at the November Plenary in Atlanta. The next meeting of ITU-R WP8A is
proposed for February, 2008 in Geneva
The WP8A liaison contains a draft outline of Volume 5 to aid in
developing responses.

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+1 972 814 4901 (ESN 450 9401) Mobile 


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Sent: Monday, August 06, 2007 05:14
To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Lynch,
Michael (RICH1:2H50);;;;
Cc: Costa, Jose (CAR:2H70)
Subject: Handbook on deployment of BWA systems

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find attached a liaison statement from ITU-R Working Party 8A to
your organization regarding the development of an ITU Handbook on
deployment of BWA systems.


Yours sincerely,

Colin Langtry
Counsellor, Study Group 8
Radiocommunication Bureau

email: colin.langtry
phone: +41 22 730 6178 


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