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[802SEC] +++EC 5 Day Review+++ FCC filing regarding spectrum etiquette for unlicensed frequency bands

Dear EC Members,

Attached is a proposed filing from the RR-TAG to the FCC. It is in
response to a FNPRM that asks if the FCC should require spectrum
etiquettes in certain unlicensed frequency bands. IEEE 802 has
technologies that are used in those frequency bands. The RR-TAG has
commented previously in this proceeding (ET 03-201) but since that time
the FCC has proposed requiring an etiquette.

The RR-TAG proposes to file these comments on 1 October.

The RR-TAG approved this proposed filing (18-07-0076-01-0000_d3_ET
03-201 FNPRM.doc) on 20 September. The results were: 13/0/0. All
suggested comments have been incorporated in the d3 version.

I propose that the EC comment period begins Monday, 24 September and
closes midnight, CDT, 28 September.



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 <<18-07-0076-01-0000_d3_ET 03-201 FNPRM.doc>> 

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18-07-0076-01-0000_d3_ET 03-201 FNPRM.doc