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Re: [802SEC] Motion to produce CD-ROM

I'll second the motion.


p.s. I *just* came home from the hospital about 30 minutes ago.  My
procedures took over 8 hours on Tuesday ... much longer than they
anticipated, but went well.  However, I had a bit of fever post-op and my
blood pressure was on the low side due to the interaction between the
procedures and adjustments in my medications, so they kept me an extra night
for some IV antibiotics, more monitoring, and adjustments to my medications.

I am now the "proud owner" of some ablations and an implanted cardiac
defibrilator/pacemaker combination, which tests out fine and is working as
expected.  Once I have gotten past the initial post-op incision pain, I will
feel much better and be much safer than I was before.

I am now going to go take another dose of pain medication and crawl into
bed. I expect to be more or less "out of service" recovering until Monday.

I know and appreciate that some might wish to send some form of "get well"
message, but it is not necessary and I won't be checking e-mail consistently
for another couple of days, so please just "think good thoughts for me." 

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> Subject: [802SEC] Motion to produce CD-ROM
> Given the failure of the motion for electronic distribution, 
> this motion
> is necessary to spend the funds allocated for the production of the
> Moved: To expend funds previously allocated in the budget and not to
> exceed $2,000.00 for the production of the 802 Standards CD-ROM, to be
> distributed beginning at the November 2007 plenary session.
> Moved: Bob O'Hara
> Would someone care to second this motion?  Once seconded, Paul can
> officially announce the motion and delegate the conduct of the ballot.
>  -Bob
> Bob O'Hara
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