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[802SEC] Interpretation of current P&P

I have a question for clarification of the current P&P with regard to 
the wording in 7.2.2. It states:

"An individual who has served as Chair or Vice Chair of a given WG 
for a total of more than
eight years in that office may not run for election to that office 
again, unless the question of
allowing that individual to run for election again is approved by a 
75% vote of the WG one
plenary in advance of that election."

I am now in my 8th year as 802.1 Chair, having first been appointed 
Chair at the end of the March 2000 Plenary session. So when the 
elections are run in March 2008, I will have been Chair for not quite 
8 years, as the appointment occurs at the end of the session (see 
7.1.2). I therefore interpret the above as meaning that I don't need 
a 75% approval vote of my WG in November to allow me to run for 
re-election in March. Is my interpretation correct?


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