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[802SEC] Call for P&P agenda topics



Recently there has been a lot of talk about various flaws in the LMSC
P&P and how to fix them.  We are planning our P&P review Ad Hoc meeting
from 6 PM to 10 PM this Sunday.  Right now the only item I plan to host
on the agenda is a review of the process I am following to split the P&P
into a P&P + Ops manual.  So here is the agenda as it stands:


Agenda for P&P Review - Sunday 11/11/07 6-10 PM in EC Suite 226


Call to order                                          M. Sherman      6

Creation of Ops Manual                         M. Sherman

Open floor                                            All



This is an Ad Hoc, and I plan a loose meeting and will just put together
a summary slide or two for the Monday morning EC meeting to describe
what we discuss.  I recognize not all EC individuals can make this
meeting, but it is an Ad Hoc, and anyone is welcome to attend and
participate.  I encourage (particularly WG chairs) to delegate to
someone else to attend and represent any issues they might have if they
can't make it.


If you wish to see any other topic on the agenda please let me know and
I will add it.  My only request is that you be there in person to lead
the discussion on that topic.  Also let me know if you want to address
it at a specific time.  Any time between 6-10 PM is fine with me.
However, if we run out of discussion topics and no fixed times are on
the agenda I do plan to Adjourn early.


Let me know if there is anything you want on the agenda.









Matthew Sherman, Ph.D. 
Engineering Fellow 
BAE Systems -  Network Systems (NS) 
Office: +1 973.633.6344 
Cell: +1 973.229.9520 



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