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Re: [802SEC] Notice to request to modify 802.20 PAR


I'm confused by this message. Here are some of my questions:

(1) You've title this issue an "EMAIL BALLOT" and asked the  
recipients to "please try to respond with a vote as soon as  
possible." So am I correct to assume that you are instigating an  
email ballot?

(2) Conventionally, the EC approach to recommend PAR changes to the  
Standards Board is to adopt a motion to forward a modified PAR to  
NesCom. Can you explain why you have phrased your motion so  
differently from the conventional approach?

(3) Where can I find the definition of "modified entity voting"? I  
haven't seen this term used before.



On Nov 14, 2007, at 05:57 PM, greenspana@BELLSOUTH.NET wrote:

> All:
> Yesterday I notified the UCEC of the attached motion to recommnd  
> the SASB modify the PAR and Sponsor Ballot voting method for the  
> 802.20 draft to meet the 48 hour rule.. I am taking this  
> opportunity to inform the rest of the EC of this motion...
> Arnie Greenspan
> ----------
> By direction the 802.20 WG is now operating using a modified entity  
> voting approach. This has worked very well in the group and  
> provides the transparency that is desired. We hope to go forward to  
> Sponsor Ballot at this meeting. The 802.20 PAR calls for 802.20 to  
> operate on an individual ballot basis. The following motion is  
> being made to the UCEC to suggest to the standards board that the  
> PAR and Sponsor Ballot approach for 802.20 be changed to be  
> consistent with the manner in which 802.20 is now operating.
> Mover: Arnie Greenspan
> Second: Mike Lynch
> The Unconflicted Executive Committee of the 802 Committee  
> recommends to the Standards Board that the 802.20 PAR and thus the  
> Sponsor Ballot method for 802.20 be changed to a modified entity  
> voting approach consistent with their current voting method.
> I know you are all busy but please try to respond with a vote as  
> soon as possible to facilitate the 48 hour rule if that rule is in  
> fact relevant and necessary.
> Arnie

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