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Re: [802SEC] Rome decison


I share your views on this.

Aside from concerns about the venue, the costs, and the lack of a  
local host, I'd like to revisit an issue I mentioned during the  
discussion. I said that, while I would like to see plenaries  
regularly outside North America, I do not accept the argument that we  
cannot be a legitimate "international" SDO otherwise. I noted, as an  
example, that most of the ITU standardization bodies develop  
international recommendations while meeting exclusively in a single  
city - Geneva. Another EC member disagreed with my statement,  
claiming that ITU groups do meet all around the world. Unfortunately,  
I did not have an opportunity for rebuttal during the meeting.

I've taken a look at the ITU-R calendar for some statistics to  
demonstrate my point. The calendar shows 49 confirmed ITU-R events in  
the year 2007. Except for three meetings of Working Party 8F, all of  
the other events were in Geneva. In 2006, the same calendar shows 73  
events. 56 were in Geneva.

Every meeting of a Study Group as a whole was in Geneva. So, while  
the Working Parties - the equivalent of our Working Groups -  
sometimes meet outside of Geneva, the Study Group sessions - the  
equivalent of our "Plenaries" - are exclusively in Geneva.

Although there may be multiple reasons, I believe that Geneva is a  
preferred location for ITU-R meetings because the costs are low and  
the meeting facilities are good. Also, I believe that, when Working  
Parties meet outside of Geneva, they do so with the support of a  
local host.

I think that IEEE 802 would do well to consider the ITU-R example.


On Nov 20, 2007, at 02:54 PM, Pat Thaler wrote:

> Colleagues,
> I was surprised and disappointed by the decision of the EC on  
> Friday to
> choose the Rome venue. While I want to have non-North American, non-US
> (that is Hawaii may not be part of North America but a meeting there
> doesn't demonstrate a commitment to global standards making)  
> plenaries,
> I have concerns about this venue that go beyond the room night and
> registration fee costs.
> How many of us have looked at the on-line reviews of this property? It
> is very isolated. You can start by looking at the reviews on Trip
> Advisor.
> Reviews-
> Rome_Marriott_Park_Hotel-Rome_Lazio.html
> Sincerely,
> Pat
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