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Re: [802SEC] Rome decison

Carl -

I guess where we differ is in how we choose to go forward from here.

The EC chose to say "The survey was flawed, so we will ignore its 
results and go to Rome anyway". I didn't agree with that position, 
and voted accordingly. Unfortunately, my viewpoint didn't prevail.

To me, it was our responsibility to make sure the right questions 
were asked in the survey. We failed to do that, for whatever reasons, 
despite ample opportunity to do so. Shame on us all. However, having 
asked the wrong question, I believe we were stuck with the answer we 
were given by the 802 membership. To then ignore the survey results 
seems to me to be arrogance in the extreme. The fact that the EC 
didn't like the answer the survey gave isn't sufficient justification 
for going against it IMHO. Just because it fits in with our desire to 
do NNA meetings doesn't make it the right choice.

As it happens, and for the reasons pointed out by Pat, I think that 
particular Rome venue is a lousy choice anyway, regardless of the 
price issue, and particularly so when compared with Vancouver as an 


At 13:47 21/11/2007, Carl R. Stevenson wrote:
>I think you got my point ...
>If one can book prices in the >=~200/night range now, why in the heck are we
>being quoted $425-450 (since we pay separately for meeting space and F&B)???
>This major disconnect is why I believe that the "survey" was flawed (at
>best) and the results skewed to the point of being worthless.

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