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Re: [802SEC] Rome decison


The assumption that they would be virutually empty without us isn't warranted. Just because they may have some rooms available for a low rate, doesn't mean they have lots of rooms available. 

There is also another consideration. Say we get a better rate like $200 a night. If this property only has 600 rooms, then about half our attendees will still need to stay elsewhere and getting from other hotels to this one is going to be a pain. Choices to get from a central Rome hotel to here are:

Train ride plus about a 1 mile walk with some waiting time on the platform for the train, that works out to about an hour each way. And possibly not a desireable walk to take after dark.

Taxi at 20 to 40 Euros depending on traffic (and the taxi driver) plus apparently some wait time at the hotel for a taxi to be summoned.

Even the "nearby" hotels are a long walk or a wait for a taxi ride.

This property has more problems than room rate. And by the way, the cost for those staying at this location doesn't end with room rate. There is a fee for using the indoor pool and possibly the fitness center. The reviews report outrageous (even compared to normal hotel rates) for services at the hotel like in room Internet connections and laundry.


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I understand premium rates for "leftover rooms," in a nearly sold out
property ... that's supply and demand, but the reverse should be true ...
they'd be virtually empty without us, so we should get a firesale volume
discount, not get hosed because we want to do them the favor of filling
their place up, buying a lot of F&B, renting meeting space, etc.

I'd be inclined to renegotiate, telling them that based on their publicly
available current rates (and competitive offers) they are really screwing us
and we won't take it.  Tell them that the (inconvenient?) location of their
property doesn't command premium rates, etc. Let them think that we're ready
to drop them like a hot rock and see if they become more reasonable.

Do we know if there is any serious, credible "competition" for the week we
want?  One has to wonder what they would do if we told them "Not a cent more
than $200/night and a 10% discount on previously quoted F&B and meeting
space charges, or forget the whole deal."  Would they walk away from filling
their hotel, the F&B (including the social) and the rental of the meeting
space?  Bird in the hand ...


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> It is often the case that venues that have lower rates 
> available when they don't have a conference booked but not 
> when they are able to block 400 or more rooms for a 
> conference. So I wouldn't assume that we can book at the 
> lower rates available for this March when next March rolls around. 
> Pat 
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> At 01:22 21/11/2007, Carl R. Stevenson wrote:
> >2) The "average price" quoted is $244 ... why did our survey 
> indicate that
> >we'd be paying $425 (or was it $450)?
> I just looked at the prices for March 2008 (they 
> won't quote beyond the end of 2008) and among the 
> various offers, Expedia quoted 97/night ($200). 
> In July 2008 the rate goes down to 81.
> Looks like inflation will be raging in Italy during the 
> 2008-2009 period...
> I can't see anyone booking at the conference rate 
> if these kinds of rates are available elsewhere.
> Regards,
> Tony
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