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[802SEC] +++OPEN ACTION ITEMS+++Message from Nikolich to the EC Vote by UCEC


Dear NC-EC Members:  As Chair of the 802 Executive Committee, I want to bring you up to date on the proceedings with regard to the 802.20 Sponsor Ballot.  As you recall, the 802 Executive Committee voted in November to recommend to the SASB that 802.20 be moved forward to sponsor ballot.  At their DEC2007 meeting the SASB accepted that recommendation, but gave specific instructions that the unconflicted EC supervise the process. The text of the SASB's resolution is in the attached document.  In order to get the sponsor ballot process started in time to have results available for the January interim session, I asked the 802 Executive Committee's 802.20 Oversight Committee to prepare a process that would comply with the SASB's directives, which the OC did.  The key elements of that process were a requirement that ballot pool members disclose their affiliations, and that pool members would then be grouped accordingly, with each group then accorded one vote.  These procedures we!
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ially disclosed on 10DEC2007 via the EC reflector, 802.20WG reflector and to the Sponsor Ballot Group.

We have 153 applications for membership in the Sponsor Ballot Group.  The OC reviewed the affiliations and other available information and tentatively grouped all pool members.  Each individual's tentative grouping was then disclosed to that individual, with an opportunity to submit further information if the individual believed the assignment inappropriate.  Out of 153 individuals, we received a total of only10-. The OC met and reviewed that information and made two adjustments to the groupings (an updated revision on 13DEC2007 and final revision on 15DEC2007).

With these assignments, and based on the 802 Executive Committee's November vote, I authorized the issuance of the sponsor ballot.  In the interest of ensuring that there are no questions about the procedure, Arnie Greenspan has asked that this process be fully disclosed to the Unconflicted Executive Committee and has requested an EC email ballot affirming the process that is being followed.

Moved: The UCEC confirms that the final 802.20 Sponsor Ballot procedure and block list conforms to the Dec. 07 SASB resolution
Moved by Arnie Greenspan
Second by Buzz Rigsbee

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