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[802SEC] Status on P&P / OM revision

Fellow EC members,


Please recall that AudCom required of IEEE802 that we remove extraneous
material from our P&P to make it easier for them to review.  A deadline
of the end of the year was set.  If we are to meet that deadline, we
need to initiate our ballot process fairly soon.


Accordingly, I have created a 'streamlined' P&P which closely follows
AudCom's baseline P&P.  I have moved any 'extraneous' material to a new
document called the Operations Manual (OM).  To accomplish this I did
the following:


            Started with AudCom Baseline P&P

            Inserted material from our current P&P into the AudCom

                        This became a proposed new LMSC P&P

            Formatted remaining material as a proposed LMSC OM

            Created a modified Baseline P&P with my personal comments to
be fed back to AudCom

                        These modification have been included in the
proposed LMSC P&P as well.


Accordingly please find the following documents attached:


Draft_LMSC_PaP_080223_Clean.doc:  Proposed new P&P with no markups

Draft_LMSC_PaP_080223_Mark_Up.doc: Proposed new P&P in marked up form
with comments

Draft_LMSC_OM_080223_Clean.doc:  Proposed new OM with no markups

Draft_LMSC_PaP_080223_Mark_Up.doc:  Proposed new OM in marked up form
with comments

Mats revised baseline-Sponsor-clean-7June2007 as of 080223.doc:  My
recommended revisions to the AudCom baseline P&P

Current_LMSC_P&P_remapping_080223.doc:  A mapping of all the text in the
current P&P showing where it wound up


Please remember that these documents are my personal opinion of what
should be done (they are not consensus documents).  As such they have no
more standing that any other proposal from an EC member.


However, in the interest of getting the process going, I do plan to
request the EC to initiate a ballot at our March 08 session on this
material.  I had hoped to have some comment and resolution
teleconferences to help develop consensus prior to the meeting.
Unfortunately other work commitments prevented this.  Still I will hold
our normal P&P review meeting Sunday evening of our Orlando session and
will bring these documents to the floor for consideration.  I will also
accept and tabulate any comments brought forward on these documents, and
make modifications to the documents based on those comments to try to
build consensus.


My request of the EC is that they review these documents and provide
comments in advance to me so I can tabulate and try and formulate
responses.  Please support me in this effort.


Best Regards,





Matthew Sherman, Ph.D. 
Engineering Fellow 
BAE Systems -  Network Systems (NS) 
Office: +1 973.633.6344 
Cell: +1 973.229.9520 


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Mats revised baseline-Sponsor-clean-7June2007 as of 080223.doc